Alright, so, here's the deal-

DuckBlock, well, he's gone and gotten himself into some trouble, see? He's got all this... CHEESE flying at him. Yeah! Cheese! Why? Well, maybe he's got some sort of milk-fat magnet deep in his core! Or maybe, perpetually 30 yards away, some kid on a bike is just huckin' curd! Maybe, like, what if, I don't know, he's just a-shufflin' forward on a God-given lactose intolerant suicide mission? Maybe he's just a gosh darn hero. 

Or maybe... Just maybe...

We are all... DuckBlock.

Created by Delaney Bannon and Utsab Das.

With help from Trevor Zimmerman and Steven Cathey.

Published Sep 28, 2017
Made withUnity
Tagscheese, duck, duck-that-cheese, Endless, infinite-runner, Runner, surfer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

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